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Fast reactions and reflexes are key attributes for goalkeepers playing at any level, and there is no better way to train and develop these attributes than by practising and performing actions that closely replicate in-match scenarios. 

With this in mind we committed to creating a purpose built range of products that could replicate the real life deflections goalkeepers face in games.

After in-depth and strenuous testing, we’re delighted to have launched our FORZA GK Deflector range that has been designed to allow goalkeepers to develop fast reactions and reflexes specifically related and transferable to football matches. 

Ideal for keepers of any age or level, players and coaches can directly replicate the unpredictable deflections, bounces and ricochets that are common in competitive gameplay. 

Scientifically speaking, by recreating common in-match scenarios, deflection training is able to improve a goalkeeper’s “cognitive processing” speed. That is, a goalkeeper’s ability to receive, analyse and react to a specific situation or action. 

The ultimate training tool for goalkeepers looking to improve their reflexes and sharpen their reaction times. The FORZA Goalkeeper Deflector has a multi-screen design and can be used for a wide range of goalkeeper training drills.

With optional wheels for easy transportation it’s quick and easy to take on and off the training pitch. With over 50 floats, the deflector provides a highly unpredictable trajectory that will keep goalkeepers on their toes, even after hours of frequent use. 

Designed by goalkeepers and sports engineers, the powder-coated steel frame is robust, stable and weatherproof. 

The FORZA Mini Goalkeeper Ball Deflector is also available to buy with a sight screen and wheels. Perfect for use on both grass and artificial pitches, the mini deflector has 28 floats for unlimited variation in the ball’s trajectory.  With a carry bag included, the mini deflector is ideal for goalkeeper and football coaches looking for a portable training tool that can be used to enhance reactions and reflexes specifically related to both aerial and low shots.

The ultimate ground level goalkeeper reactions and shot-stopping training tool, the Floor Matrix deflector, deflects ground shots into the air at unpredictable angles and speeds. The perfect tool for ensuring goalkeepers are always at the ready, the Floor Matrix features 55 plastic floats for an unlimited range of highly-unpredictable shot trajectories. 

The Floor Matrix Deflector comes with 4 x U-pegs and a carry bag, with the option to purchase it with additional weights. Measuring 275 x 185cm (9 x 6.1ft) it’s a large ground deflector that is easy to carry and transport.

The Single Line Goalkeeper Deflector is 3.6m (11.8ft) long and comes with 2 x U-pegs and a carry bag. 

Perfect for home and club training sessions, goalkeepers will improve their reactions quickly thanks to the 20 float design which deflects low shots at unpredictable heights, angles and speeds. With optional weights, it’s ideal for coaches and goalkeepers looking for an affordable yet highly effective reaction-training tool.

Ideal for use on its own, or in combination with the FORZA Large or Mini GK Ball Deflector, the ramp has two angles, providing an unpredictable trajectory. The 2-sided ramp provides is a great training tool for adding variety to goalkeeper training drills. 

Manufactured using weather-proof rubber, the ramp has angles of 20° and 35°, the ramp is a  fantastic training tool for both goalkeepers and outfield players looking to improve their ability to react to deflected shots and passes.

Coaches can create a wide range of goalkeeper training drills with deflectors alone, or in combination with other training equipment including cones, speed ladders and rebound nets. You can check out our comprehensive range of goalkeeper training equipment on our main website here

 By: Andrew Griffiths

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