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At Net World Sports we're committed to ensuring you have access to safe football goals and have created a free inspection checklist so you can monitor the condition of your goals all year around…

We're on a quest to ensure clubs and coaches are educated when it comes to looking after their existing goalposts correctly. Lots of injuries, accidents and even fatalities have occured from football goals when they've been poorly constructed or are outdated, have developed a fault due to incorrect installation or have tipped because they're incorrectly anchored.

In a bid to reduce the number of unsafe goals in use, we've put together a handy goal maintenance checklist that you can carry with you all season long! As a rule, we recommend carrying out your own goal inspections before every use to make sure the goals are safe and secure. Even if the goals are not regularly used, we would still recommend regular inspections to ensure good goalpost safety.

It's always useful to have a copy of the original instructions when carrying out your inspection to make sure the goals are correctly installed. If you’ve lost them by mistake, you should always be able to get a replacement copy from the goal manufacturer or supplier directly… just drop them an email or give them a call!

If a problem is found during the inspection, you shouldn't use the goal until it's been fixed correctly using replacement parts sourced from the original manufacturer – don't try to make or recreate any of the elements yourself! If the goal can't be fixed, it needs to be safely removed and then replaced with a new goal that's correctly anchored.

If your goals have seen better days, speak to our helpful Customer Care Advisors on Live Chat to discover our FORZA Football Goal range or call +44 (0)1691 683 807.

 By: Andrew Griffiths

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