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Your developing young cricketers will soon be bowling, batting & fielding like Test match pros with these top selections from our cricket equipment range. 

Here at Net World Sports, we’re not only committed to catering to top-level sports stars, but also to kitting out the next generation. We’ve run through our fantastic cricket range to bring you this helpful kids’ cricket equipment guide.

Sport is at its most magical when it captures the imagination of youngsters. With a range of fun & effective junior training equipment available, there is no time like the present to get the next generation involved with the great game of cricket.

Even if there is no local cricket club for children, kids can get started and learn the fundamental cricket techniques and skills with bats, stumps, cricket nets and cricket equipment sets that can be used in the garden, backyard or local sports field. 

Cricket Sets for Kids

Bats, balls, bails and stumps – everything juniors need to enjoy a fun game of cricket! The garden is the perfect venue for juniors to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Make the most of the garden and create some great memories with a junior cricket set

Our garden cricket set is perfect for cricket games and spontaneous practice sessions in the garden, backyard or at the beach. With everything family & friends need for a fun and enjoyable cricket game, the lightweight and portable cricket set comes with 2 bats, 2 balls, 2 sets of stumps and a handy carry bag. With all the equipment you need to introduce children to the sport of cricket, the set is available in 3 sizes.

The cricket set is specifically designed with children in mind, with “incrediball” cricket balls, that are softer and slower through the air than standard cricket balls – the risk of injury and damage to nearby property is dramatically reduced. 

Pop-Up Cricket Nets

Temporarily turn your garden into a junior cricket training facility, with a pop-up cricket net. Available in a range of sizes, from 20ft to 80ft, the FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net can be set up and packed away in minutes. With a carry bag included, it’s 100% portable and can easily be taken to a local training facility or park. Ideal for solo batting practice sessions, the 20ft model comes with a detachable front panel, for an enclosed and secure batting cage, with a 12in x 28in section that allows it to be used with bowling machines or a Sidearm Club – Cricket Ball Thrower.

In addition to pop-up cricket nets we also stock pop-up hitting nets including the FORTRESS 7ft x 7ft Mutli-Sport Hitting Net. Manufactured with a robust steel frame, the hitting net is ideal for practising throws and batting techniques in enclosed spaces. Both the hitting net and the pop-up cricket cage can be used with the FORTRESS Cricket Batting Tee.

Cricket Practice Balls 

At Net World Sports we stock a wide range of cricket practice balls for children. Whether you are looking for a plastic cricket ball specifically designed for use in the back garden, or a cricket swing ball for developing bowling technique, you’ve come to the right place.

Wind Balls

Our comprehensive range of cricket balls for kids includes Kwik Cricket Wind Balls. Available to buy in packs of 6, the FORTRESS Cricket Wind Balls are much softer than regular cricket balls, but provide an exceptional level of performance and durability. With moulded stitch seams that replicate regulation cricket balls, they are ideal for cricket practice at home, school or at the local cricket club.


Our FORTRESS Cricket ‘Incrediball‘ Practice Balls are also available in boxes of 6. With a match-like performance, the foam core, traditionally stitched balls allow for highly-effective training sessions, but are much safer and more fun to practice with than regulation cricket balls.

The innovative Incrediballs offer a true bounce while softening on impact, allowing your future bowling greats to perfect their bowling and batting technique without risk of injury. The authenticity of the stitched seam is ideal for learning correct finger positions when bowling, making the transfer to regulation cricket balls as direct & simple as possible.

String Cricket Balls

If you are looking for a way for you or your child to practice cricket indoors, our FORTRESS String Cricket Balls are perfect. Available with a plastic or leather cricket ball, the string can be attached to a branch, washing line, rafters or a hook. Ideal for solo training sessions, using a hanging cricket ball on a string is a great way to improve coordination, focus and technique.

Fielding Practice Equipment for Kids

At Net World Sports we supply a selection of premium fielding equipment which includes everything from target nets & targets stumps, to bowling protector screens & slip catch cradles

Cricket Rebound Nets

All top level fielders have two things in common – razor-sharp reflexes and safe hands. With a RapidFire cricket rebounder, your child can efficiently build up hours of catching and throwing practice at home.  The angle of our versatile rebounders can be adjusted to simulate the challenge of real fielding scenarios.

By adding a RapidFire rebound net to their training regime, your junior fielders will be a match for the toughest of shots. The RapidFire Mega X Cricket Rebounder is available in 2 sizes, and is manufactured with an ultra-durable steel frame and a weatherproof net. A great tool for junior cricketers to practice their catching and under arm pick-up skills, the rebounder can be adjusted to provide 2 different angles. 

Our RF Cricket Rebounders are available in 3 sizes, and are double sided, allowing a range of cricket training drills for one or more players. The netting on each side of the rebounder provides a different bounce.  The knotted net on one side provides an unpredictable rebound for reaction training drills, whilst the opposite smooth side provides a more predictable bounce. Ideally for home, school and club use, the rebounder has a quick-release adjustable base and folds away for storage and portability. 

Cricket Fielding Nets

Sold in pairs, our 6ft-wide  pop-up cricket fielding nets, are ideal for target practice. Ideal for use with cricket stumps, the simple pop-up design helps to make the training drills much more efficient. Lightweight & portable, the nets can be set up in seconds. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the lightweight net can be transported using the included carry bag. 

Cricket Ball Stop Netting

If you are looking to practice cricket, football or any other ball sport in your garden or backyard, then a ball stop net can be a great investment. Prevent errant shots and throws from damaging or bypassing the fence, with a Stop That Ball™ – Socketed or Pop-Up Ball Stop Net System. The Pop-Up ball stop system is ideal for back gardens and can be assembled in under 2-minutes. With an included carry bag, it’s a great addition for any garden cricket training session or spontaneous cricket match.

Made from ultra-tough and durable 600D polyester, bound with 420D Oxford fabric, the premium net provides an ultra-sturdy boundary. The base is made with powder-coated steel, to provide a robust and effective ball-stop net for sports including cricket. 

If you are looking for a semi-permanent cricket ball stop net, then the socketed Stop That Ball™ system with removable steel ground sockets is ideal. The 12ft high net is available in lengths from 10ft to 50ft. Made with 48mm mesh weatherproof netting and galvanised steel poles, the ball stop net is ideal for the garden or training ground.

Full Range of Kids’ Cricket Equipment

In this blog post we’ve only touched the surface of what our comprehensive range of kids’ cricket equipment has to offer. From junior cricket pads & wicket keeper equipment, to junior cricket balls & bats, you’re sure to find everything you need without our selection of FORTRESS kids’ cricket equipment. As suppliers of top-level cricket teams including  Durham County Cricket Club you can rely on FORTRESS for performance and durability.

 By: Andrew Griffiths

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