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You’ve joined the Awin network, signed up to the Net World Sports affiliate programme, and now you’re looking to get the tools required to begin promoting our products to your audience.

Depending on the type, publishers generally make a recommendation or promote and advertiser’s product to their own audience, with a particular link to the product page or advertiser website. That link, also known as a deeplink, is specific to the publisher and can be used by the advertiser (Net World Sports) to track the number of sales their link has generated. The publisher is then paid a percentage of the final sale amount by the advertiser, in this case 3%, as a reward for assisting in the sale.

Steps to creating a deeplink:

  1. On the Awin dashboard, go to Toolbox > Link Builder.
  2. Select the advertiser (Net World Sports) from the drop down list.
  3. Choose a format between HTML and URL (URL for most).
  4. In the Deeplink URL, paste the link which you have copied from the Net World Sports website. We always recommend linking to individual product pages, as it can increase your click-to-sale conversion ratio as you’re delivering customers close to the point of conversion, e.g.
  5. In the “Your Deeplink URL” box, a deeplink will be created for you based on the information you have input.

A sample Awin deeplink looks as such:

Creating a short link (aka a ‘’ link)

Deeplinks can be easily shortened. Click Shorten Link underneath the link box, and your deeplink will be transformed into a clean URL. While the domain will appear as ‘’, it functions the same as the full-length link.

Finding creative

Net World Sports have supplied banners and other assets you can use for promotions. You can find these by hovering over the Toolbox tab and clicking My Creative.

Using the filters at the top of the page to find exactly what you are looking for, and you can filter by type of creative, dimensions, and specific advertiser(s). Once you have selected a creative, click Copy Code and paste it into the source of your website. These creatives function the same as any normal tracking text link.

You can also access our creatives from our Welcome Pack which you would have received by email when you were approved as a publisher on our programme.

Now that you’ve got your deeplink, you’ll need to know how to begin your promotion.

 By: Lois Jones

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