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Net World Sports are delighted to showcase the latest new products added to our FORZA, METIS, FORTRESS and AquaTec range. Below is an overview of some of the products released onto our website during July.

FORTRESS Custom Cricket Whites

You can now customise our FORTRESS cricket whites! These premium, 100% polyester cricket whites with anti-bacterial and quick-dry fabric can now be personalised to include team logos, names, numbers and sponsors for a professional look. Shirts, sweaters, vests and trousers are available in all sizes for men, women and kids. This is an ideal option if your club is looking for new team-wear for cricketers of all ages.

FORZA Digital Ball Pump

The FORZA Digital Ball Pump is perfect for inflating and deflating balls for all sports. The robust electric pump features an automatic inflation and smart-stop pressure system on its digital LED display, so you can effortlessly set and monitor your desired pressure levels using two arrow buttons and single power button to activate. Fully charged in two and a half hours, you can pump up to 40 balls with a single charge. The compact and lightweight design allows the portable electric pump to be easily carried and stored away. Includes 1 digital pump, 2 USA ball needles, 1 inflatables needle, 1 USB charging cable, 1 flexi hose and 1 carry case.

FORZA Hockey Pitch Boundary Rope

This FORZA Hockey Pitch Boundary Rope is an excellent option for your hockey training sessions. Sold in spools of 30m (100ft) and weighing 92kg (203lbs), this 100% weatherproof, rot-resistant and UV treated rope is perfect for separating hockey fields into smaller practice areas. The rope features pull handles at either end for ease of movement into the desired position on the field. Manufactured from ultra-durable HDPE for excellent longevity and strength, this black and blue boundary rope is highly visible and suitable for hockey clubs or schools all year round.

AQUATEC Premium Paddle Board Seat

Providing supreme comfort on the water, the AQUATEC Paddle Board Seat features quality EPE foam inside for maximum comfort. The reinforced PE board backing and a zip up Hi-Back system helps you maintain a comfortable position and full back support. The premium seat securely attaches onto the paddle board using corrosion resistant clips that hook onto corresponding D-rings on each paddle board and kayak model we stock. This seat is an excellent choice for long, all-day paddles with a vented back rest, coated in polyester, that is perfect for all conditions on the water.

FORZA 1.5ft Mini Slalom Poles

These shorter style FORZA 1.5ft Mini Slalom Poles are excellent for a wide range of speed and agility training exercises. Manufactured from ultra-durable PVC, this material is weatherproof and shatterproof, ensuring long-lasting use all year round. The poles are available in four vibrant colours; yellow, fluro pink, fluro orange and white, making them easy to see even in low light and poor weather. Available in packs of 8 and in either 25mm or 34mm thickness, the poles are complete with a spiked base, to ensure maximum stability when inserted into the ground. Secure rubber bases are also available to keep the poles upright on hard and synthetic surfaces.

FORZA 3ft/6ft Slalom Poles – 4x New Colours

The FORZA 3ft/6ft Slalom Training Poles are now available in 4 new colours. The high-quality shatterproof PVC training poles are now available in black, red, blue and sky blue, giving 8 vibrant colours in total to choose from.

You can view these new products plus our comprehensive range of other sports and lifestyle equipment on our main website here.

 By: David Nevin

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