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Net World Sports are delighted to showcase the latest new products added to our FORZA and Vermont ranges. Read on for an overview of all of the products released onto our website during September.

FORZA World’s Smallest Target Goal

The FORZA World’s Smallest Target Goal is the ultimate target practice goal for developing and improving essential accuracy skills. Manufactured from ultra-durable PVC and designed with an essential locking system to bind the posts together, this weather-resistant goal is suitable for use in all weather on any surface. The goal measures 41cm x 41cm x 41cm, and is the best the piece of training equipment there is to maintain and develop accurate passing or shooting no matter whether you are an amateur or a seasoned professional. The lightweight target goal can be set up in a matter of minutes and comes with everything you need to get started, including a goal frame, locking clips, net clips and a 2mm net.

FORZA Mini Skills Football

Designed to take your football skills to the next level, the FORZA Mini Skills Football is the perfect training aid for players of all ages and abilities. Consistent training with this size 1 football can offer improved control, reactions and performance. The ball boast a premium PVC 2mm thick outer layer reinforced with an inner layer of PV weave for added durability. The seamless latex bladder provides the ball with excellent air retention and a perfect round shape. Available in two colourways, the versatile Mini Skills Footballs are available in packs of 1, 3 or 30 balls and are suitable for any surface indoors or outdoors, making them ideal for solo, group and team practice sessions.

FORZA PU Hockey Gloves – Full & Half Finger

Manufactured using the finest materials, our premium-grade FORZA PU Hockey Gloves allow professional and recreational field hockey players to focus solely on their performance without any discomfort or distractions. Featuring custom moulded PE knuckle plates and finger padding, these FORZA hockey gloves are the ideal choice for shielding the key components of your left hand during play. The tight neoprene finger sleeves provide a tight, secure fit, whilst the quick dry properties of the gloves help players retain a secure grip of their hockey stick in all weather conditions. The ergonomic design provides excellent flexibility, enabling players to improve their stick handling techniques. Available in sizes extra small, small, medium and large, with either a pink or grey trim, this glove comes as either a full finger or a lightweight half finger style that provides less protection, but gives even more control and flexibility.

FORZA PRO Hockey Shin Pads

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, FORZA Pro Hockey Shin Pads are the ultimate pieces of protective gear, favoured by professional organisations such as Hockey Wales. The pads are constructed with a reinforced polypropylene shell lined with thick EVA foam that can withstand the toughest of blows. The premium foam lining and padded edges ensure players are comfortable and aren’t distracted by discomfort or digging. The ventilated mesh design prevents build up of heat and moisture to provide maximum comfort. Fitted with an elasticated strap, the guards are guaranteed to remain securely in place throughout the duration of your match or training session. The FORZA Pro Hockey Shin Pads are suitable for players of all ages and are available in sizes small, medium or large, with a choice of a grey or pink trim.

FORZA Hockey Shin Pads

The FORZA Hockey Shin Pads are the must have safety accessory for all field hockey players. Designed to provide comfort and complete protection, the reinforced polypropylene shell lined with thick EVA foam allow these pads to withstand constant impact, allowing users to play with confidence, without the fear of getting injured. Well ventilated thanks to the breathable openings within the lining, the hockey pads are easy and comfortable to wear. The strapless design means they can be simply inserted under the socks without the need for shoes to be removed. These robust safety accessories are available in sizes small, medium or large, with either a grey or pink trim.

FORZA Multi-Use Training and Fitness Resistance Bands

The versatile FORZA Multi-Use Training and Fitness Resistance Bands can be used in countless ways such as for a sports net or obstacles for sports training. Varying the lengths of the bands allow for different set-ups and tensions for desired drills and exercises. These bands can be attached around anything, ranging from narrow slalom poles to wider objects such as football posts, benches, basketball uprights and more. Made from polyester and elastane, the bands are comfortable around the body, but durable enough to prevent it from snapping. Bands are available in four different lengths as well as four vibrant Fluro colours.

FORZA PVC Water Polo Goal

Available in three sizes the FORZA PVC Water Polo Goal is perfect for all ages and abilities, and is the perfect equipment for introducing children to the game of water polo. Manufactured from ultra-durable uPVC, the frame is durable, weatherproof and long-lasting for use indoors and outdoors all-year round. The goal is easy to transport and assemble, with the locking system designed to ensure the frame is secure throughout use. Made to regulation size, the goal is supplied with a 2mm UV stabilised HDPE net, making this goal ideal for water polo clubs and leisure centres.

Vermont Pro Tennis Overgrips

Experience the next level of tennis racket control with our premium polyurethane Vermont Pro Tennis Overgrips. Ergonomically designed to fit the hand perfectly, these tennis accessories provide exceptional comfort during use. Apply the grip quickly and easily by simply wrapping the tape over your racket handle, to create optimum thickness and a firm, reliable, personalised grip. The highly absorbent and ultra-durable material keeps hands dry in all weather conditions, allowing you to fully focus on the game without discomfort. The grips are available in packs of three and in a choice of eight vibrant colours.

You can view these new products plus our comprehensive range of other sports and lifestyle equipment on our main website here

 By: David Nevin

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