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Net World Sports are delighted to showcase the latest new products added to our FORZA, FORB, ACESO, RAPIDFIRE and Vermont ranges. Read on for an overview of all of the products released onto our website during October.

FORZA Tube Ball Bag

The FORZA Tube Ball Bag is a spacious, cylindrical bag that is able to accomodate up to five inflated size 5 footballs at at time, making it perfect for match days and training sessions. The bag features a single adjustable strap, that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body for comfortable transportation between locations. The draw cord provides easy access to the balls and closure of the bag, keeping the balls safe and in perfect condition. Manufactured from high-quality nylon and mesh, the ball bag has great durability and will last season after season.

FORZA Icon+ Official Match Football (FIFA Quality Pro)

The FORZA Icon+ Official Match Football exemplifies exceptional quality, durability and outstanding performance. The ball has gone through rigorous testing to earn the FIFA Quality Pro mark, the highest accolade on FIFA’s Quality Programme. The Icon+ has a thermally bonded, stitch-less, 24 panel hybrid construction manufactured using only industry leading materials to provide incomparable quality and results. The first-choice match ball for elite clubs worldwide, the Icon+ is perfect for football clubs of all standards and players of all ages. Sold in packs of 1,3 or 12 and available in sizes 3,4 and 5, these footballs are an essential addition to enhance performance.

Vermont Brass Tennis Net Swivel Adjuster

Crafted from high-quality durable brass, this Vermont Tennis Net Swivel Adjuster is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts all-year round. The swivel adjuster allows you to effortlessly adjust your tennis net’s tension to ensure it stays optimally taut throughout use. The tennis net tensioner links the centre net band to the ground, either by a net base weight, m-peg, or ground socket. To adjust the length of the swivel adjuster, simply twist the main barrel of the adjuster to alter the height and tautness of your tennis net for a consistent, precise net height.

FORB Home Putting Cup

The FORB Home Putting Cup allows you take your putting skills to the next level in the comfort of your own home. Manufactured from lightweight, ultra-durable plastic, this compact, versatile practice accessory can be used anywhere, simply place it down on a smooth, flat surface and begin putting. This home putting cup measures 17cm x 2.5cm and weights 300g, allowing quick and easy transportation. Simulating the size and appearance of a standard gold hole, this putting accessory provides a realistic experience for golfers of all ages and abilities.

FORB Golf Alignment Sticks

An essential training aid for golfers of all age and abilities, the FORB Golf Alignment Sticks can be used in various ways to fine-tune your set-up, alignment and swing consistency to ensure you can strike the golf ball purely and accurately with every swing on all shot types, including putting. The sticks are made from durable, lightweight fibreglass that can be folded in half and transported anywhere using the translucent PVC carry case which fits in any golf bag. Measuring 123cm in length unfolded, the sticks come in packs of 2 and with the PVC carry case included.

FORB Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

The perfect training aid for golfers of all ages and abilities looking to improve their putting alignment, set-up and stroke, the FORB Golf Putting Mirror features a high-quality, reflective plastic surface which allows you to see every detail of your putting stroke. This compact putting trainer is equipped with holes for tee pegs to help ensure you are hitting the centre of the putter face consistently. Versatile and lightweight, the putting training aid comes with an ultra-durable carry bag, allowing you to easily transport your alignment mirror anywhere.

FORB Putting Gates

These versatile FORB Putting Gates allow the option to practice your putting accuracy on the green or at home by using the optional bases or inserting the gates into the ground. Gates come in a pack of 3, with each gate varying in size, allowing you to create a narrow pathway for your putt to go through. Manufactured from aluminium, these lightweight putting gates are ultra-durable and can withstand countless impacts from golf balls, if you aren’t accurate with your putt. Small and easy to store, the FORB Putting Gates are ideal for golfers of all ages looking to develop their putting skills.

FORB Chip and Stick Golf Game

The FORB Chip and Stick Golf Game is an exciting and enjoyable game suitable for the whole family to play. The game requires players to chip the ball as close to the flag as possible in order to score points. The 152cm x 75cm target mat comes equipped with 20 hook and loop strapped balls, a designated chipping area and six pegs, making the game perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The mat is made from ultra-durable, long-lasting fabric that will provide endless hours of fun for family and friends of all ages and skill levels, all year round.

FORB Retractable Golf Club Brush

The FORB Retractable Golf Club Brush allows you to keep your golf clubs in top condition at all times. The double-sided brush has three key features; firm nylon bristles to help clean dirt from the grooves of your clubs, softer nylon bristles to help wipe down your clubs to keep them looking new and a metal groove cleaner to help sharpen the grooves, providing you with maximum ball control. The brush clips easily onto your golf bag with a carabiner and a retractable pully system, giving quick and easy access to your golf club cleaner during your round. Lightweight and compact, the FORB Retractable Golf Club Brush doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your golf bag.

RapidFire Wave Rebound Board (4-in-1 Design)

Boasting a 4-in-1 design, the RapidFire Wave Rebound Board provides football players of all ages and abilities with a wide range of drills to replicate in-game scenarios by simply changing the side and the angle of the rebound board. Either remove the steel powder coated legs and place them on the other side of the board to change which side you use, or alter the position of the legs to change the angle of the board. One side of the board is flat and returns passes in the expected direction, where as the other side is a textured surface which provides unpredictable returns, testing reaction times and technical skill. Each side of the board can be flat and upright to return balls along the ground or angled to lift the ball in the air and challenge your aerial control. The rebound board measures 99cm x 42cm and is manufactured from ultra-durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure a solid rebound every time. The legs are pre-weighted to provide ultimate stability, with an extra sandbag included to offer additional support (sand not included).

ACESO Spinal Board

The ACESO Spinal Board is the ideal piece of medical equipment for emergency services and onsite medical teams. Manufactured from durable high-quality polyethylene (PE), this emergency spinal board promises longevity and can carry a diverse range of patient sizes, with an impressive load limit of 160kg. The board itself weighs just 9kg, making it easier for first responders to manoeuvre and transport in crucial situations. Measuring 185cm long, 46cm wide and 4.5cm tall, this rescue stretcher is made with 3.5cm wide handles to accommodate gloved hands.

FORZA React Hockey Ball

Designed to roll unevenly and unpredictably across indoor and outdoor surfaces, the FORZA React Hockey ball helps to improve field hockey players of all ages’ reactions, control and dribbling skills. Each ball has been manufactured using a weatherproof grade 1 PVC for enhanced durability. The fluro yellow colourway improves visibility in all levels of light and weather conditions. Available in pack sizes of 1 or 6 balls, these balls are ideal for both solo and group training sessions. Used all-year round by Hockey Wales, the FORZA React Hockey Ball is also perfect training aid for schools and sports clubs.

FORZA 100g Hockey Ball

Lighter than a regulation field hockey ball, the FORZA 100g Hockey Ball is designed to improve your ability to control the ball no matter whether you are an experienced professional, or new to the sport. Manufactured using grade 1 PVC for enhanced durability, the dimpled finished ball is weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 60g lighter than regulation size, as well as developing ball control skills, this hockey ball is a safer choice for youth and development matches. The fluro yellow colourway allows the ball to be used all-year round in all weather and lighting conditions. The FORZA 100g Hockey Ball is endorsed by Hockey Wales and is perfect for solo and group training sessions in schools or sports clubs. The ball is available in packs of 1 or 6 balls.

FORZA 200g Hockey Ball

Heavier than a regulation field hockey ball, the FORZA 200g Hockey Ball is designed to increase passing strength and improve your stick-handling skills. Manufactured using grade 1 PVC for ultimate durability, the dimpled finished ball is weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 40g heavier than regulation size, the extra weight allows players to feel the ball better on the stick and perfect motion needed for drag flicking. The fluro yellow colourway allows the ball to be used all-year round in all weather and lighting conditions. The FORZA 100g Hockey Ball is perfect for solo and group training sessions in schools or sports clubs, and is even used by Hockey Wales. The ball is available in packs of 1 or 6 balls. Slapshots are not advised with this product, as it could incur damage to your field hockey stick. We recommend only using this product for pushing, drag flicking, dribbling work.

FORZA Hockey Ball Carry Bag

Store and transport up to 36 field hockey balls with the high-quality FORZA Hockey Ball Carry Bag. Manufactured using reinforced materials with breathable nylon mesh, this high-quality carry bag features a comfortable, adjustable over-the-shoulder strap, which can be easily adjusted to suit for easy portability of your hockey balls. The drawstring design gives you quick and easy access to your hockey balls during training, but also keeps them secure when they aren’t in use. The carry bag can also be used for cricket balls, tennis balls, lacrosse balls and sliotars. Hockey balls are not included with the FORZA Hockey Ball Carry Bag.

PINPOINT Games Table Accessories

These high quality accessories are all compatible with PINPOINT Games Tables and Vermont Table Tennis Tables. Crafted from premium-grade materials, these game table accessories guarantee excellent longevity and enhance your gaming experience. Accessories include: PINPOINT Pool Cues, PINPOINT Chalk for Pool Table, PINPOINT Triangle For Pool Table, PINPOINT Pool Balls For Pool Table, PINPOINT Air Hocky Pucks and Handles, PINPOINT Table Football Spare Footballs, Vermont TS100 Table Tennis Net and Clips.

You can view these new products plus our comprehensive range of other sports and lifestyle equipment on our main website here.

 By: David Nevin

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