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Striding into May and making the most of the amazing weather. With summer on the horizon it is the perfect time to start getting outdoors. Got some garden renovations, training sessions, fitness goals? Lets see if we can help with our newest product arrival.

This durable basketball hoop system is perfect for indoor matches at higher education and national league levels. This hoop system has been built for user versatility, the portable basketball unit uses 360 degree non-marking wheels for effortless transportation to your desired court location. This unit is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels, as this system offer adjustable heights from 7.5ft to 10ft. With it’s user friendly and compact design, this goal can easily fold down to a compact storage size, reaching a minimum height of 6.6ft for simple storage. This basketball unit features a 60 inch tempered glass backboard, an 18inch carbon steel flex rim & 360 degree non marking wheels.

Much like it’s micro arena counterpart, this is the ultimate basketball goal system. This basketball system is ideal for professional basketball players, manufactured in line with FIBA & NCAA standards. Much like the above basketball unit, this goal system has a user friendly and convenient design. It can easily fold down to a compact storage position, reaching a minimum height of 6.9ft for simple storage. The versatile design of this goal system let’s you take your skills to new heights, as it offers adjustable height options ranging from 8ft to 10ft. This model comes attached with 4x non marking wheels & heavy duty wheels, the portable basketball unit allows for hassle free transportation to your desired court. This basketball court can also be supplied with optional weights.

This FORZA stopwatch is ideal for coaches and schools. These watches are perfect for all environments, they boast IPX4 water resistance due to the durable plastic casing , safeguarding the contents of the stopwatch against splashes and rain to provide long lasting performance. This stopwatch is versatile and can be used for a variety of sports, meaning it has endless uses for coaches, athletes, officials and schools. You can record single laps, split events or keep track of the time and date with the clock, calendar and alarm function. This Stopwatch provides the ultimate accuracy, as it maintains a highly visible LCD digital screen display time, recorded to the nearest 1/100th of a second. Allowing you to record all activities and sporting events with expert accuracy and precision. Watches are supplied with a battery and lanyard, sold individually or in packs of 10 or 25.

A premium double sided whiteboard with aluminium frame and corner protectors. This whiteboard measures 120cm x 90cm and boasts a large space for tactical creativity. Displaying a full pitch view on one side, and a focused view of key areas on the other. Leverage this coaching whiteboard with the included markers and magnetic aids which allow for tactical tweaks to be visualised to better understand the change of plays. This handheld board is multi-functional, as it includes durable metal clips which provides the option of all mounting. Making it idea for permanent solutions in the changing room for post-match debriefs. This coaching whiteboard is supplied complete with a full set of markers, a whiteboard pen and eraser.

This Mesh Ball Bag Backpack is crafted from premium quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use and ultimate strength. Carry your sports balls to and from training sessions with maximum comfort, as this bag features two lightweight shoulder straps which distribute the weight of the bag, keeping it balanced. This bag is incredibly spacious, holding up to 12 fully inflated footballs at a time. This bag can be used continuously and still uphold it’s quality, this is down to it being crafted from high-quality mesh & nylon material. To make things easier, this bag is completed with a open and close draw string ensuring quick and hassle-free use during training sessions. This bag is perfect for football coaches, P.E teachers and players.

These METIS Wall Balls are expertly designed for versatile functional training. These wall balls are available in weights ranging from 3kg-15kg. The balls design offers limitless exercise possibilities, they are prefect for squats, lunges, throws & core workouts, catering to a wide range of fitness goals and skill levels. Crafted with a scratch-resistant PVC outer cover, polypropylene cotton filler & a sand bag weighted core. This ball can endure intense workouts while maintaining their shape & performance, ensuring long lasting reliability. Our balls fit seamlessly into diverse training routines, covering strength, cardiovascular & functional training. They are equally effective in for calorie burn and strength focused circuits for muscles & power building. These Slam Balls are perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, they can be supplied individually or as part of a pack.

These 2-piece professional grade cricket ball is specifically designed for the indoor game. These cricket balls feature a lightweight design which boasts a softer and lighter feel to a regular cricket ball, offering a safe alternative for the indoor game without compromising the ball’s durability or lifespan. The outer leather exterior provides players with maximum visibility of the cricket ball at all times, regardless of the surrounding wall colours which helps to maintain maximum player safety. This ball also features a PU injected core which ensures the cricket ball is the optimal weight for indoor cricket to reflect the unpredictable, fast paced nature of the game whilst protecting your sports center walls from damage. These balls come with a vibrant yellow outer leather layer which ensures maximum visibility against all indoor wall colours. Available individually or in packs of 6 and 24.

This premium Cricket Ball Carry Case is the perfect accessory for transporting multiple cricket balls to matches or training. With a capacity of up to 12 cricket balls (any size), each ball has it’s own compartment to maintain a simple, structured way of storing and transporting. The padded carry handle and internal compartments ensure ease of transport and maximum user comfort. Double zipper allows you to access the balls whenever you need. These carry bags are manufactured from premium heavy-duty polyester, it is built for long-term use over multiple cricket seasons whilst keeping your cricket balls fully protected. This carry bag is ideal for cricket clubs and umpires at all levels of the game.

This lightweight mesh is for the FORTRESS Cricket Sight Screen. Made meticulously for long-lasting use, our ultra fine HDPE mesh cricket screen is weatherproof & UV treated, making it suitable all year round. This replacement sight mesh comes with 3 colour options, the choices include white or black for club and test grade cricket & white/black for T20 cricket. This mesh is designed to provide players with a clear vision, the screen creates a strong contrast, providing the batsman with the best view of the bowler and ball. The size of the sight screen is 4m x 4m.

These non-slip gym turf mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor gym settings. Great for sprints and sled exercises, this roll down gym turf requires no installation. A great choice for pop-up fitness events and small scale gyms, it can be rolled up and out for temporary use and easy storage. This roll-down mat is crafted from high-quality yarn that is weather resistant and UV treated, ensuring long lasting performance. The gym mat features an innovative 3mm (0.1in) PU foam shock pad underlay, which provides an ultra-durable grip to the surface and softens the impact of users joints. It’s effortless set up makes it ideal for pop-up CrossFit, Hyrox & Fitness Testing Events. Measures 11m thick and 2m wide, with various lengths available.

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 By: Matthew Walker-Mills

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