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We are 2 months into 2024 and so far we have released up to 30+ products! With more on the way and a spectacular selection to go through this February, it looks like we are in for a great year. We will be looking at products from our FORZA, Forb and pinpoint ranges. With some additional options from the ACESO Ice bath.

This lightweight heading football is the perfect addition to any heading training drill or session. It is approximately 40% lighter and softer than a regular football, featuring a 3.5mm soft EVA foamed outer layer which provides a cushioned feel, reducing the risk of head injury. This ball is designed for all age groups from juniors to adults as it comes in sizes 3, 4 and 5, it is also available to be supplied in packs of 1, 3 or 30.

Heading footballs follow the same treatment as all our footballs and feature a premium butyl bladder which provides the ball with ultimate balance and high air retention which enhances durability. The heading football is ideal for football coaches and players who want to safely practice heading with the reduced risk of any concussions. Please note that excessive heading of the ball is not recommended. In the below image you will find the weights of each ball compared to their regular football counterpart.

This is a new exciting and enjoyable golf game which is fun for all the family. Designed for adults and children of all ages, this fun golf game creates a challenging and exciting environment.

Featuring 3 different sized mats and plastic golf balls which are designed to stick to the mat, you can have hours of entertainment trying to get the best scores. The mats feature multiples target zones, aiming for the green can get you from 10- 100 points depending on how close you make it to the hole. But land in the rough, bunker or the water then you will be deducted minus points. So you can compete with your friends and family to try and achieve the highest score and test your golf skills. These mats are light in weight and very easy to transport around, the FORB Chip and Stick mat can be easily stored after each use ready for next time. Included in this is the thick target mat, a designated chipping area, 6 anchor pegs and hook & loop strapped balls.

This premium alignment golf mat is the perfect training aid for golfers to practice accuracy of long and short putts. It is designed for the improvement of precision, to help master both long and short putts. The line on the mat serves as a guide to control the path of putts. Mats are manufactured using prime quality 10mm polyethylene grass, which simulates the texture and performance of real golf course turf. This alignment mat is also very easy to roll down and take on the go, the ultra durable polyethylene is crafted with 30mm PP curl to prevent damage when the mat is rolled away for storage. The mat has a detachable 50mm EVA Foam base which prevents the mat from shifting. The alignment mat is ideal for any golfer of any age or level to practice their putting accuracy.

With Spring approaching, lighter nights and temperatures hopefully rising there is no better time to talk about the new FORZA Icon Beach Football. Not only is this ball FIFA Quality Pro certified, it is also unrivaled for durability. Providing exceptional performance, this elite standard beach football is suitable for professional competition.

The ball is manufactured using a TPU outer material and 3mm HD foam air cushion, providing the ultimate comfortable touch. Icon balls also feature a premium quality double sheeted Butyl bladder which gives the ball balance and high air retention properties, making it durable and long lasting. The premium build of this ball also allows it to be used in the water, giving you the full beach football experience. The Icon beach ball is available in ball sizes 3, 4 and 5, it can be supplied in packs of 1, 3 and 20. This ball is ideal for any professional beach tournaments, teams and pro club events.

Moving onto goalkeeper gloves, we have looked at bringing new innovative designs to maximise the potential of any goalkeeper who uses these gloves. They feature a hybrid cut design which features a 3mm neoprene backhand paired with a 4mm quartz latex. The unique latex wrap on the thumb and index finger are designed to grip the ball from all angles and support the hand when making saves. These gloves are made for elite level football, they have been constructed for exceptional dry and wet grip when playing. Gloves come with an optional wrist strap to allow players to customize their gloves and best suit their style. They come in a variety of sizes from size 7 (large Youth: 7.2in) to size 11 (XL Adult: 8.9in). Available in two colours of white or black and white.

Continuing the theme of goalkeeper gloves, these have been designed to provide ultimate comfort, utility and flexibility when in use. The FORZA NGE keeper gloves are tight fitting, featuring an ergonomic strapless design making it easy on the wrist. They have a contact latex wrap resulting in high performance on wet, dry turf or grass surfaces. The gloves slick yellow and white display compliments it’s top performance and build for modern day goalkeepers. The negative cut provides a streamlined fit to enhance ball control and feel. Gloves come in sizes 7 to 11 and are available in white or yellow and black.

Our first laundry bag has been designed to carry all the essential match day equipment. This spacious 130L FORZA laundry kit bag is an excellent choice for both home and away games. This kit bag is perfect for fitting bibs, kits and any other match day gear you have. The travel bag features a drawstring fastening to help keep all contents safe and secure whilst on the go. It is designed with an over the shoulder strap to make the bag comfortable and easy to carry.

It is manufactured using high quality and washing machine friendly rip stop polyester, meaning it easily remains in perfect condition game after game. The bottom of the bag features two breathable holes allowing a continual flow of ventilation, which means you can put washed or dirty kits inside and prevent the build up of mould. This laundry kit bag is deal for coaches or teams to store kits, boots and bibs. Available in 3 different colours including blue, black or red.

We have had new replacement parts for some of our Pin Point tables including our football, pool, and air hockey tables. Each including all the necessary parts you need to fix or replace your table. All spare parts are made from highly durable materials for long lasting use. Each table has a list of options which will include all the information of which part it is and where it goes including any dimensions and an image. Replacements vary from leg bases, to pool cues, pucks, player rods and more. Click the images below to be taken directly to the right replacement parts page.

Our ACESO Ice Baths have now also got their own spare parts on the website, if you have any snags or breaks on your Ice Bath you can find affordable replacements here. These parts are crucial to keeping your ice bath in top working condition. Parts include an inflatable lid, fabric cover, drain tap, drain pipe, carry bag etc, all parts are made using high quality materials making sure that you don’t have to replace them again for a good while. All pictures and dimensions are featured on the website page, please note that the ice bath is not included in this, it is just the replacement parts for the ice bath. If you are interested in learning more about our ACESO Ice Bath click here.

 By: Matthew Walker-Mills

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