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Net World Sports are delighted to showcase the latest new products added to our FORZA, FORB, METIS and FORTRESS range. Below is an overview of all of the products released onto our website during August.

FORZA Half Folding Box Goal

The FORZA Half Folding Box Goal is the perfect warmup goal for all professional club looking for a smart and efficient pre-match or training set up. A simple slide of a wire gives you a perfect looking box shape in seconds. The goal folds up quickly and neatly in approximately one minute by simply folding the stanchions down and the backbar up, making the goal easy to pack up and store away. Made from our innovative Alu110 profile, the robust structure comes with optional 360° puncture proof rubber wheels to enhance the portability of the folding football goal.

FORZA Number Stickers (For Goal Post Identification)

FORZA Goal Identification stickers are ideal for groundsmen to give a unique reference number for goalpost safety checks, audits and maintenance. Each of the numbers are easy to apply to the goal, simply peel off the clear back and apply the adhesive side to the goal post. Made using premium vinyl, the labels are weather and fire resistant with high UV protection so the numbers last for years without fading. Stickers are available in packs 1-12,1-30,1-60 and 1-90.

FORB Divot Board Swing Mat (with Launch Pad)

The FORB Divot Board Swing mat is specially designed to help left and right-handed golfers of all abilities perfect their swing and learn new shot shapes, like a draw or fade. The high-quality golf training mat provides instant feedback by showing golfers their swing path and point of contact. The blend of hard wearing nylon and TPR is designed to withstand the impact of continuous club strikes without damage to the mat or your golf clubs. The mat can be easily reset by wiping it down with your hand or a brush to clear the markings. The featured A60 black rubber base is designed to prevent any slipping or moving during use. The included launch pad allows golfers to practice their shots of a mat, replicating a fairway with 12mm thick artificial grass. Equipped with a convenient handle for easy transportation, this swing trainer mat and is the perfect visual learning tool to take your golf game to the next level.

FORB Putting Training Mat

This 9ft 8in putting mat is suitable for all ages and abilities and provides a realistic putting experience within the comforts of your own home. The mat features 8 targets to aim for to help you master the pace and direction of your putts. The different coloured target zones will give you feedback on the pace of your putt; a red target zone indicates a poorly paced putt and a green zone indicates a well-paced putt. Complete with a high quality nylon surface, and non-slip rubber base, this durable, lightweight mat provides consistency with every use, and can be easily rolled up and stored away.

FORZA Academy Footballs (x2 Colourways)

The FORZA Academy Footballs are Official FIFA Basic Standard balls that are perfect for professional and grassroots clubs. Available in multi-colour or black and white, these footballs are perfect for training and matches thanks to the tear resistant outer layer and reinforced polyester bladder that keep their shape all-season long. The 3.5mm internal lining made from EVA foam and fabric lining provides improved feel, bounce and control. Offered in sizes 3, 4 and 5, this academy football is suitable for all ages and are sold individually or in packs of 3 or 30.

METIS Foam Interlocking Gym Floor Mats

The METIS Interlocking Gym Floor Mats are equipped with an innovative interlocking design that provides excellent stability underfoot as well as ensuring the installation process requires minimal effort. The 60cm by 60cm tiles are created from 10mm thick heavy-duty EVA foam to guarantee exceptional strength and durability to protect both floors and gym equipment. The non-slip matting is available in sets of 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 as well as 7 colour options such as black, grey, red, orange, green and yellow.

FORZA Multi-Boot Hanger

Maximise your storage space with the new FORZA Multi-Boot Hanger. Supplied in packs of two, this must have product can store up to six pairs of shoes each, making it the best space saver for any home, clubhouse or boot room. Designed from a black powder coated durable steel to prevent rust or wear, this device arrives in a compact flatpack and is easy to assemble following the instructions provided. The structure easily mounts onto the wall secure bolts provided allowing you to properly air dry your shoes after use, allowing them to stay pristine for longer. Featuring high quality rubber caps on the end of each hanger, the racks cause no damage to your shoes and keep them in place until their next use. The multi-boot hanger is also fitted with plaques ready for customisation with team logos or player names.

FORZA PU Hockey Stick + Chamois Grips

Crafted with precision from chamois material, the FORZA Chamois Grips are suitable for year-round use by both professional and recreational field hockey players. The supremely soft grips offer a luxurious feel that sets it apart from the competition. The premium grade polyester dampens any vibrations from ball contact, providing optimal control and a comfortable hold of the hockey stick. The excellent moisture-absorbing properties of the chamois grips keep your hands dry at all times, even in wet weather conditions, allowing an unwavering performance on the field. The grip can be applied quickly and easily by simply wrapping it over your hockey stick handle, to create optimum thickness for your grip. The grips are available in five highly vibrant colours such as black red, blue, yellow or pink.

You can view these new products plus our comprehensive range of other sports and lifestyle equipment on our main website here

 By: David Nevin

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