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On the 25th May, Net World Sports had their 15th Birthday Celebration. From what started in 2009 as an idea has become a leading global sports retailer. Supplying world class athletes, teams, families and customers around the world. Over 15 years we have now over 18 sub brands, 15,000+ products, across 20 different sports and leisure activities, provided with 1-2 days worldwide shipping.

We sponsored a race at Chester Race Course on the 25th May to celebrate our birthday, the race being The Net World Sports 15th Anniversary Handicap Stakes. This day was special as it acknowledged our business achievements and milestones. We also wanted to celebrate our customers for their continued commitment and loyalty towards our brand. We provided an exclusive discount code at the race for anyone there to use.

At our Headquarters we celebrated with balloons, cake and plenty of bunting. We even got our big LED boards out. It was a true showcase and represents how proud we are that we have come so far as a business. We even got some special birthday messages from some of our top suppliers and influencers.

Use RACE20 at checkout for 20% off our products! We hope everyone who attended the Chester races on the 25th had a great day.

 By: Matthew Walker-Mills

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