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In the dynamic world of sports, where every detail counts, there’s one unsung hero who often goes unnoticed—the Kit Manager. Responsible for ensuring the effective logistical planning for all required kit and equipment, these individuals play a crucial role in the success of any team, and in April 2024, they took centre stage at the inaugural Kit Shed event.

Kit Shed 2024 was more than just a gathering—it was a celebration of the dedication, passion, and expertise of Kit Managers from around the globe. Held in the illustrious St. George’s Park, home to England national teams, the event brought together over 70 Kit Managers from various clubs, spanning different sports, continents, and leagues.

Among the esteemed attendees were representatives from national team’s including Pat Frost of England FA, Kev Fenner of the Lionesses, Dave Gibson of Scottish FA, and Charles Raycroft of Orlando City SC, to name a few. This showcased the event’s international appeal and significance, and the desire from Kit Managers to have an opportunity to meet and connect with others in the industry. From newly appointed Kit Managers, to those who have achieved 1,000 game milestones, each participant brought a unique perspective and wealth of experience to the table.

The event served as a platform for sharing best practices, discussing emerging trends, and forging meaningful connections within the industry. Presentations, open talks, and panel discussions delved into topics ranging from international logistics, a woman’s experience in this industry, and even the role of social media for Kit Managers today.

As the grand finale of Kit Shed 2024, attendees were treated to a FORZA Showcase. Set on the David Beckham pitch, the showcase featured over 100 innovative products and guests were invited to get hands-on experience with the products. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to explore unreleased prototypes, providing valuable feedback to our Product Development team that will help shape the final products.

We’re already planning for Kit Shed 2025, which will be even bigger and better – watch this space!

 By: Lois Jones

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