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We believe in dreaming big at Net World Sports, but we also know that sometimes the little things can pack a powerful punch! Join us as we explore our ‘World’s Smallest’ target range, featuring pint-sized versions of our football goals, football target nets, and hockey target nets.

The first World’s Smallest Target Goal was created by Net World Sports back in 2020, following a request by the F2 Freestylers, Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch, who had an idea for a new challenge which included a particularly small goal. The goal was brought to market last year and has been a big hit for content creators around the world, introducing several new challenges for footballers of any age or skill.

Big enough to fit a single size 5 football, the goal measures at H 41cm x W 41cm x D 41cm with an internal width of just 28cm, making it the ultimate training tool to maintain and develop sharp & accurate passing, or shooting. Additionally, the goal features our expertly designed essential locking system, binding the goal posts together and ensuring optimum strength & stability. This one-of-a-kind product is the perfect training companion for those wanting to boost their skills and of course, have a fun new challenge to conquer.

The goal has featured in a number of social media content by creators, with one video in particular, created by EAB Skills, reaching an incredible 208 million plays and almost 2 million likes on Instagram alone:

Raising the difficulty levels of accurate free-kick and penalty kick taking is the World’s Smallest Target Net, another challenge that requires pin-point precision. The target net can be placed anywhere across the crossbar, with the majority sticking to either corner to improve their top-bins shooting skills.

Since its introduction in 2022, the World’s Smallest Target Net has proven hugely popular with players and content creators, as seen in this video by Street Panna. Designed to fit size 5 and smaller balls, this is another top-pick to add to your next shooting session. This versatile net doubles as a football bag, storing up to 3 balls at a time, proving a superb addition to any aspiring football challengers.

Our world’s smallest products aren’t just limited to football – introducing the latest addition to the range, the World’s Smallest Hockey Target Net. Created by request from popular hockey content creator, NMF Hockey, this net measures 38cm H x 38cm W x 50cm D, proving to be a real test for even the most skilled hockey players.

Released at the latter stages of 2023, this target net has been widely used by hockey content creators around the world, as seen in this video. These highly durable nets can withstand high amounts of impact from hockey balls thanks to the ultra durable mesh. Ideal for precise accuracy and shooting practice, a must-have attribute in hockey, it is also a fun challenge for players of all levels. Why not try it out for yourself!

Looking to add a challenge to your sessions? Shop our World’s Smallest Products now!

 By: Matthew Walker-Mills

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