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Whether you're entering a new season or it's drawing to a close, we have the Cricket Maintenance Checklists you need to make sure you never forget to check your equipment…

There's no time like the present to check your cricket equipment, whether you're prepping your club's grounds and facilities to ensure they look like Lord's on opening day or getting ready for winter to ensure you get off to a winning start when a new season comes around.

We know it can be easy to drop the ball and forget about bits that need to be ticked off and prepared, especially with so many things to think about; cricket nets, batting cages, sight screens, covers, flat sheets and boundaries. That's why, here at Net World Sports we have created the ultimate Cricket Maintenance Checklist to ensure you never miss a beat.

With a run down on the equipment, specific parts you need to check and action to take, these comprehensive Cricket Maintenance Checklists will become a staple at club and committee meetings throughout the on and off-season. We have even added a checklist of equipment you'll need to have throughout the duration of the season, as well as a handy notes section to jot anything down that you'll need to remember for next year.

Whilst the square may be prepared by your groundsman, everyone in the club can chip in to help check the ground equipment and facilities are looking as good as they can be, so what are you waiting for?! Download your very own Cricket Maintenance Checklist now…

If you're looking to get a head start on next season, give our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1691 683 807 to discover our comprehensive range of cricket products or click on your country below.

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